Welcome to the bear cave

So… this site (still Under Construction, note) is designed as a repository for the various bits of my creative life that i want to make public to the world. The bones i throw out of my cave, if you will. Here you (soon) will find links to/examples of my poetry, my music, my prose and my journalistic endeavours, as well as a catch-all blog page wherein i vent on whatever gets my tummy grumbling.

You’ll also be able to purchase things like CDs and my new novel direct from this site – and give generously via the Donate button to keep the wolves from the cave door. 🙂

Why is it called “bruce’s lost years”? Well… briefly, because back in the day (78-86 approx) i was a professional performance poet and blues singer. Then, because i wanted a family, i stopped; the choice was have fun and die young or have kids and be there for them. I chose the latter – though i’m not sure how many of my three children appreciate that.

Anyway, that led to 30 years away from the stage (save for occasional one-offs when someone remembered and twisted my arm). It was only when I reconnected with an old touring comrade, Ralph Bennett, and then only in time to watch him die, that i began to perform again.

In essence, those 30 years were “lost” to me because my creativity was at a dull ebb setting, even though i did a lot of “creative” work of one sort or another, not least 15 years writing a weekly opinion column for my local paper. But i also spent a dozen of those years suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome… and the less said about that, the better. Now i’m trying to make up for that lost time, while i still can. Hence….

So, I hope you find something here you can enjoy and appreciate. I don’t promise to blog regularly or have some new item to dangle your way every week, but i will try to update and keep you entertained as often as i can.

Right now, i’ve just released a CD of the work my last band did over the past 3-4 years, and am about to publish my first novel – a sword’n’sorcery fantasy titled “Under Duress”. I’ll trust those will keep you happy til we chat again.

BTW, the featured header pic is of me growling at Ralph’s tribute gig in Waikino in early 2016; line-up Edwina Thorne (trumpet) Gabriel Alvarez (bass) Murray Wakeman (drums) Peter Boland (slide guitar) and Wayne Apanui (lead guitar). Was a great night.

If you’d like to “subscribe” to my pages / follow my journey from now on, please hit the blue button / fill in your email to be on the list!

If you’re a casual visitor and just want to help keep this old bear ticking over, feel free to bring a little cheer with a contribution toward my works. Thanx!

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